User research, insights, and analysis for teams

Beacon keeps all of your user research in one place, making it easier to identify insights, discover opportunities and decide what to do next.

How it works


Capture user research and feedback from the field 2x faster


Create meaningful prioritized collections of your data and findings


Share insights with your team, or your entire organization

All of your insights in one place

Invite your team or your entire organization to browse insights, learn from user research, collaborate on analysis, and use evidence to drive decisions.

Share analysis, in hours not days

Whether you are collecting data from the field or over Skype, go from research to insights quickly with 2x faster data collection and automated analysis.

Visualize your findings and measure changes over time

Use data to get buy-in and to be sure you’re building the right things.  Share visuals of your findings and measure changes over time.

Search for insights whenever you need them

Search all of your insights whenever you need to. Retain institutional memory, and get more from your findings over time.