Reports pile up quickly
and insights are buried
over time

Beacon lets you interview users faster, then curate meaningful collections of user feedback and connect them to product decisions.

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Efficient user interviews
and documentation
for product teams

Interview your users faster and more efficiently

Easily search for insights whenever you need them

Share analysis with your team in hours not days

Go from birds eye view to granular understanding in a click

How it works


Bookmark important
moments as they happen
during your user interviews


Curate meaningful collections
of user feedback and connect
them to product decisions


Collaborate with your team
more efficiently and share all
of your insights in one place

Bookmark important moments live, during user interviews

Avoid playing back hours of audio or scanning interview transcripts to search for trends. Use hotkeys to bookmark important moments and when there’s a consensus, you’ll know it at a glance.

Search for insights whenever you need them

Whether you’re optimizing a user flow, rallying your team around a validated feature, or onboarding a new team member Beacon is a searchable library of user insights and related product decisions, at your fingertips whenever you need them.

Use data to be sure you're building the right things

Clicks tell you what, talk to yours users to find out why. Go beyond analytics by talking directly with your users to understand what resonates with their needs and behaviors.

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